About Us

Mac Faucets was established in 2003, committed to designing and manufacturing a proprietary line of innovative, luxury automatic faucets for a discerning clientéle. MAC faucets "invented" the concept of luxury in automatic faucets. The phrase "decorative automatic faucets" was coined here.

The venture originally started by introducing Autoluxe Faucet line, the first line of decorative automatic faucets world wide, and by making the complete faucet line available in twenty two finishes.

Later, MAC introduced the Industry Standard line, and effectively redefined the standards in automated bathroom hardware. The challenge was to manufacture quality product and make it available at reasonable prices. I am happy to say, we met the challenge. The Industry Standard line also includes automatic flush valves and automatic soap dispensers.

At MAC faucets, we continue to design and manufacture new and innovative products. The unique competitive advantage that MAC has over competitors lies in the ability to offer the most advanced faucet line available. We are committed to maintaining the new product pipeline thereby affording our partners in retail and wholesale fields an exceptional opportunity to continually offer the latest and greatest in plumbing related products.

MAC Faucets prides itself on living "GREEN". Our facilities are entirely powered by Renewable Energy, generated from wind & solar power. We are proud to have signed into an agreement with Green Mountain Energy, to deliver 100% Carbon Free Energy to our facilities. We also have a comprehensive Recycling program which insures that all Recyclable waste is sent directly to recycling plants.

Additionally we demand that our vendors & suppliers employ Eco-Friendly processes when delivering goods & services to us.

MAC First:

  • 2003 MAC introduced the first line of decorative automatic faucets.
  • 2004 MAC introduced the first line of automatic faucets priced below $200.00.
  • 2005 MAC introduced the first line of Victorian style automatic faucets.
  • 2006 MAC introduced the first line of automatic faucets with matching soap dispenser and water mixing valve.
  • 2007 MAC introduced the first full line of wall mount electronic faucets. This line included traditional, transitional, and modern style wall mount automatic faucets.
modern faucets Designed & Engineered in the USA

Designed & Engineered in the USA

faucet automatic Watersense Compliant

Watersense Compliant

automatic faucet Hands Free Restroom