Decorative Autoluxe Hands Free Faucet

This beautifully designed collection of automatic faucets is composed of several types of hands free faucets that combine art with functionality. They are ideal for bathroom applications where automatic faucets are an intricate component of the room's overall design element. These unique faucets are also available with optional matching hot and cold water mixing valves and matching soap dispensers. The creativity and attention to detail of the hands free faucets is just the beginning. The faucets work hand in hand with the faucet automator. The Autoluxe (tm) Faucet Automator 400 (FA400) is a heavy duty automator that is designed for heavy traffic applications.

Autoluxe Hands Free Models

Designed and Engineered in the USA

Designed & Engineered in the USA

Watersense Compliant

Watersense Compliant

Fully Automated Bathroom Kit